“Music is an explosive expression of humanity.”
–Billy Joel

Abby grew up in a home that celebrated the diversity of music – her father loved world music and classical composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart while her mother would listen to country and traditional folk; mix in a childhood of participation in choirs, a little musical theatre and a whole lot of pop music of every shape and size and you get the musical melting pot of influences that informs her approach. 

A classically trained singer and silver medal voice award recipient at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Abby’s career is a passionate testament to her musical diversity. She is the founder of critically acclaimed a cappella Renaissance trio The MadriGALS, co-member of the traditional music ensemble Strings Attached and one half of the singer songwriter folk duo, Two Roads Home. She also plays guitar, banjo, percussion and alto and soprano recorder and is currently learning bass and ukelele.

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