“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes a creation.”
–Bette Davis

Acting is the other half of the arts equation for Abby. Very early in her life the theatre became a haven for wonder, expression and community, factors that eventually motivated her to pursue a Master’s Degree in the craft.  She has been featured in everything from children’s theatre to new Canadian musicals to film and television like Sue Thomas FBI, Queer as Folk, Street Legal, Our Fathers for Showcase and the feature film Charlie Bartlett starring Robert Downey Jr.

Collaboration – and especially theatrical collaboration that involves music – is a cornerstone of Abby’s career. She is the writer and host of “A Light in the Kitchen,” a two-musician show for Smile Theatre’s “Smile Presents” Series; she spent a year at the city theatre in Pforzheim Germany where she performed her show “A Night on the Roof;” and she is a long-time collaborator with Waterwood Theatre Projects where she gets to flex her muscles as an actor, writer, musician and puppeteer.


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